Monday, October 3, 2011

Awards: Thank you bloggy friends

Oh, I've been slow about writing about all the awards bestowed on this little blog. A couple of recent trips really knocked me off my schedule.

Since I've shared random facts here and here, I won't bore you with them again. My vampire issues are documented. 

I hope you will visit these blogs. The links are to the award post, but I truly turn to these women on a regular basis for support, inspiration and writing advice. 

This Liebster Award goes to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. I fit into this category very nicely. I received this honor from Cynthia over at Random Thoughts.

    I received The Versatile Blogger, The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award and the Liebster Award from Cassandra over at Bookish Bird.

    The Versatile and Irresistibly Sweet Awards require sharing seven random facts and passing it along to five blogs.

    Tonia Marie Houston of passionfind celebrated her two-month Blogiversary by passing along an Appreciated Follower Award. I was among her five fave followers. (This was a nice award, because it makes one feel less like a stalker for leaving comments.)

    I was tagged by Beth Fred at Beth's Blog. The tag requires 10 random tidbits.

    Karen S. Elliott over at The Word Shark gave me a Guerilla Friend Award. She made it up just to say thanks to friends and followers. She also had a fun quote from Oscar Wilde — "True friends stab you in the front."

    Maeve Frazier at Lollipop's Cottage gave me the Blog on Fire Award on Oct. 1.

    If you are still with me, here's a list of bloggers and the award each passed along to me in September:
    Thank you all for the awards. 

    I hope you all have a fun Monday. What are your writing plans for the week?


    1. Congratulations on your awards, Stacy!You're so encouraging to other bloggers, I'm glad to see you being cheered on!

      My goals this week: Finish my 1st pass edits (more like final edits) on my novel and get the ms back to my publisher. Whoo hoo!

    2. Thanks Beth. Good luck with those edits.

    3. Congrats on all those awards!
      I'm turning some old picture books into poems for a collection of zoo poems book :)

    4. Catherine, That sounds like an interesting project. Good luck.

    5. Wow, tons of awards--and well-earned, too!


    6. WOW! What a haul! Congratulations on all these well-deserved awards :)

    7. Thanks Debbie and Susanna... I'm just behind. Hope you all have a great writing week. I'm trying to outline a story and not feeling it on the computer. I think I'm going "old school" and break out pen and paper.


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