Friday, October 14, 2011

Migration: Fun Friday Foto Fextravaganza

Here's my entry in the Fun Friday Foto Fextravaganza:
Wildebeests and Zebras at a watering hole in the Serengeti.

Today's word is MIGRATION.

The Great Migration begins in February in the Serengeti of Tanzania. When I traveled to Africa several years ago, I visited in June. I imagine the scene of the Wildebeests during the migration is breathtaking. I was speechless to see the wildebeest, zebra and all the amazing animals during my trip.

Fun Friday Foto Fextravaganza is the creation of Susanna Leonard Hill and Catherine Johnson. Thanks for letting me play along and share a photo or two.

The End


  1. GREAT photos! Thanks for joining the fun! I especially like "The End" :)

  2. Thanks Susanna. During our first safari trip, the driver said, "Get ready for the Butts of Africa." We saw a lot of those on the trip. The drivers were skilled at getting us really close, which also helped them get great tips!

  3. They are amazin! I wish we had a prize now lol. Have a great weekend Stacy! :)

  4. Love your photo, Stacy! Read the great migration too. So interesting. I love zebras. They're beautiful! (^_^)

  5. @Catherine - My non-fiction side keeps showing up with these photos. Maybe next week I can be more playful. Hope you have a great weekend too. I'm trying to get ready for a PB critique group.
    @Robyn - I love zebras too.

  6. I didn't know you had been to Africa! I'd love to go someday.


  7. Cool pictures! I envy you your trip to Africa.

  8. @Debbie- Yes. I traveled there in 2006. An adventure of a lifetime for sure.
    @Karen - Thanks. The trip was also a way I met my Hubby. We met through eHarmony and had both been to Kenya and Tanzania, etc.

  9. "The End."
    Great fun.
    My daughter, Christa,likes the photos too.
    I am a bit envious of your travels.

  10. I love these photos and, yes, 'the end' is very funny, but I'm also wowed! by the fact that you've really seen these animals. *note to self - must get out more*

  11. @Beth - glad you found that funny and Christa liked the photos.
    @Rosalind - Thanks. I like to explore even close to home. Today, we visited a fun museum with my inlaws.

  12. Oh, what fantastic pictures! They really evoke a sense of place and just transport you! I'd love to go on safari. One day!

  13. @Amie- thanks. Some zoos have wonderful African exhibits and that's as close as we get to Safari these days.


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