Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My plan to share a "little" helper

Let me help you - Enzo says and grabs a pen.
When I joined SCWBI, a woman mentioned how lucky I was to have my young son. Her children were grown. She missed seeing the daily changes, curiosity and amusement children display as they grow and explore the world.  

I am blessed to see the twinkle in my son's eye when he looks out the window to discover his world or looks at me with a Hey, I just climbed up on the sofa maybe I'll jump over to the coffee table unless you stop me look. 

This gave me an idea as I brainstormed ways to focus on picture books in November. I'm participating in the Picture Book Idea Month challenge or PiBoIdMo. 

I'll offer a photo each Monday as a writing prompt. I have a guest photo prompt, too. We all see different things in photos and it might spark an idea for a story.

Take this one. 

This makes me think:
  • Great parenting on the PJs. The Christmas PJs surfaced in photos around Easter. So, when Enzo woke up the other day I handed him his pumpkin. 
  • Buckets are good. He likes the pumpkin, because it's easy to carry and he can put things in and take them out. Repeatedly.
  • Oh, I've got teeth. The bite marks along the crib railing are visible here. We didn't know about the "gummy" crib protector until there were plenty of I'm learning how to use the two teeth I have marks along the outer rail.
  • Comfort. He has his "lovey" blanket in hand. He sleeps with it. He would take it every where, if I let him. My fear of losing "lovey" is high as I've mentioned on Twitter when I'm in a panic looking for it. (By the way, Twitter peeps have helped recover "lovey" several times by sharing places they've found their own child's lovey). Today, "lovey" spends 99 percent of the time in the crib. 
  • Escape. He's almost too tall to be contained by a crib. I know this because, he tries to climb out of it when I enter his room in the mornings.
promise I won't say anything about the photos on Mondays in November. I will share one here and another on my Facebook page. 

Hopefully, they will spark an idea or a smile as you begin your writing week on picture books or other projects. 

Do you find photo prompts helpful or not? 


  1. Cute! Love photos, that's the scarpbooker in me :) Look forward to seeing more throughout PiBoldMo. Have a great week, Stacy!

  2. What a cute little guy. I noticed the PJs and thought, this would make a good cutline. Having child around is a plus as they always provide you with new ideas. My kids are grown. Will look forward to your story ideas.

  3. He's too cute to be scary.

    Glad to find your blog!

  4. @Catherine - I used to be a scrapper. Haven't found the time lately.
    @Patricia - Yes. He's full of new ideas.
    @Wanton Redhead-Thanks for stopping by.

  5. He's a real cutie - love the Xmas PJ's in combo with the pumpkin.

    I do like photo prompts, sometimes a photo is very helpful to jump start the brain.

  6. @Beverly - That's good parenting! Hopefully, my photo choices will prove helpful.


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