Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursday: NBC Comedies

Warning: this is a total time suck.

On Thursday evening, I enjoy watching NBC sitcoms.

It's been a weakness for me since I was in college.

Others began their weekend on Thursday by going to bars. I watched TV, specifically NBC shows like Seinfeld, Cheers and Mad About You in my dorm room.

The tradition continues today.

I enjoy the Thursday lineup from Community to 30 Rock.

This fall, I'm enjoying a new season of Community, Parks and Recreation and The Office. I'm not sure about the show Whitney.

Wikipedia has a great entry with a chart about NBC's Must See TV history.

I don't watch a lot of sitcom or news programs on TV, but I still sit in front of the TV for an hour most evenings. It's probably not the best use of my time, but I enjoy a laugh break — especially on Thursday night or when I watch The Daily Show.

Do you do something with your time or watch a TV show that is purely an indulgence? What is it?


  1. The only thing I ever remember watching on Thursday nights was Friends! But I sure looked forward to that!

    Now I don't have cable or a dish. We don't get any TV reception so I really don't watch TV per se. But as indulgences go, I love Grey's Anatomy and every Friday when it comes online I take a longer-than-usual- lunch break and watch the new episode :)

  2. My husband and I don't watch much TV--and when we do, it's usually buying a DVD and going for a whole season of Psych or Burn Notice. (Not all in one evening, mind you!) My daughter's introduced us to Alphas via Hulu ... that could be our new indulgence!

  3. @Susanna - Between the Internet and Netflix, people can more easily watch TV without a TV. I watched a few episodes of Grey's and understand why you need a longer lunch break on Fridays.
    @Beth- You've mentioned some shows I didn't know about. Burn Notice is always joked about on Saturday Night Live.

  4. I am not big on TV, but I use to watch Seinfeld and friends back in the day.

  5. Well I can tell the generational gap, by what you watch on TV. :) I'm not familiar with any of the shows you mentioned -- should check them out. Especially since I've been complaining that I was tired of the reality shows, but do watch some of talent ones. My favorite is "Who Do You Think You Are? "Was upset the X-Factor wasn't shown last night due to a baseball game - UGH! I loved V and The Event last year, but both were removed this season.

    I do a lot of reading in the evening and some writing. But, I'm more inclined to put in a good movie, watch something on OWN, or watch the Hallmark movie channel.

    By the way, I fnally worked on signing into your blog.


  6. A little indulgence goes a long way. :)

  7. @Toyin - I know some people, who don't watch TV, because they said Seinfeld was IT and nothing can top it.
    @Patricia- I get hooked into a reality show here and there. So, glad you were able to make it. I sent out a Twitter SOS asking for help, but got no response.
    @Lynda- Yes it does go along way. Ironically, after posting this, I wasn't able to indulge last night as I realized I needed to get ready for weekend guests.

  8. I watch a lot of TV, but I am often multi-tasking for some of it--like paying bills or exercising. Although a lot of the Thursday shows are ones I pay full attention to!

  9. I used to LIVE for "Must See" T.V. After Friends and Will & Grace went off the air, it's all been downhill. I don't watch any sitcoms anymore.

    I DO watch Grey's and Desperate Housewives though. This is DH last season, so after that I'll be down to one show, which is kind of a bummer. I'll be pretty disconnected from popular culture. But I'd rather read than watch TV, so I suppose it's better if I don't let m yself get hooked on anything new.

  10. @Coleen- I multi-task too. I've purposely stopped watching TV when I get to the parent fitness time. I'm either available to chat with other parents or I'll just think and jot notes down for stories.
    @Julie- true about not getting hooked on anything new.


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