Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Steve Jobs

I heard the news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs died the old fashioned way. Hubby told me after I ran upstairs to get ready for a walk.

"I told Mommy something she didn't know already," Hubby told our son.

I know most things before Hubby tells me, because of Steve Jobs and Apple products. I've written about my love for the iPhone.

Steve Jobs did a lot to change the way we live and think "There's an app for that" and the concept of adding a small i before a products name.

I don't know why my high school used Apple computers. They were so expensive in the early 80s that schools were the only ones, who could afford them. I guess it's true we purchase what we are exposed to as my sister and I packed an Apple desktop with us on our way to college.

I used Apple computers throughout my journalism career. I loved their ease of use and the Apple's ability to avoid viruses.

I use both an Apple and a PC today — whether it's a Dell, HP or an Acer I generally use the generic PC when I refer to my laptop. When I refer to my desktop Apple, I say the brand.

Over the years, my gray desktop system turned into a colorful iMac and then a slender all-in-one large screen box iMac.

I added an iPod to my running schedule.

Later, my cellphone turned into my iPod and a handheld Internet connection — an iPhone.

Then, the iPhone 4 allowed me to video chat with family in seconds. Family members added a couple iPads into the mix, which make video chats with my son an almost daily event.

There are tons of tributes to Steve Jobs. I liked this: 10 ways Steve Jobs changed the world.

Here's a link to a great video with Jobs talking about Apple and its products.

I'm grateful for Steve Jobs and his innovation. I wrote my draft of this post from my iPhone.

On a completely different note, I will post a photo for the Friday's Fun Foto Fextravaganza. The topic is Harvest. This is a project from Susanna Leonard Hill and Catherine Johnson. The photos should apply to the theme and be suitable for children birth to 12 years old.)


  1. I was affected in a way I didn't expect. He was a visionary and a genius, and in the process, made so many people's lives better, more fun, and more efficient.

  2. Steve Jobs was amazing. The world has lost a true visionary.

  3. @Julie, Hubby might say he made my life more distracted ... playing with the iPhone. But, I agree more fun and efficient.
    @Susanna, Yes, he was a visionary.


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