Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday: #WhyIWrite

Last week, for the National Day on Writing there were lots of Tweets about #WhyIWrite.

This Tweet on the topic from Meghan Ward contains a link with a lot of background on the day:

 Meghan Ward 
It's National Day on Writing! Why do you write?  

I followed the hashtag #whyIwrite and found some other responses to the question. If you don't know what a hashtag is go here.

I'm grateful these writers shared their thoughts.

 Neil Gaiman 

Because I can lie beautiful true things into existence, & let people escape from inside their own heads & see through other eyes. 

 Mariam Kobras 

Why do I write? I have no idea why. It's just something I do.  

 Nathan Bransford 

Everyone who writes does so because they want to nudge the world in a different direction. 

 Erin Blakemore 

I write as impulse, redemption, expression, distraction, relief. It brings me closer to who I really am.  

 Erika Robuck 

I want to connect myself and others to different times and places to help foster understanding and empathy. Redemption. 

 Cheryl Rainfield 

I write because I want to reach others, encourage greater compassion, tell stories that help us dream & hope & heal 


 is a hard question to answer. It's like breathing; it's just never occurred to me to justify it before. Hmm.

 maii khater 

 in a story I am a strong and fearless personality

 Bridget Spain 

": Because the best people are fictional "

 Emily Casey 

 because messing with people is fun, and characters can't strike back.

 Kristy S 

My characters can always get away with saying things that I would never be able to say in real life 

My Tweet on #WhyIWrite: 
 Stacy S. Jensen 

So, I can breathe.  Thanks 

Why do you write?


  1. This is a great post, Stacy! Interesting responses to #whyiwrite!

  2. What fantastic, thought-provoking answers. I don't guess I think much about why I write - I just do! - but my answer would be a combination of a few of the above!

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us, Stacy.
    There are many reasons why I write, but whenever I'm asked the question, I always go back to basics.
    I love, love, love words. Words have a personality of their own... some have a distinct aural caboodles... incandescence... deja-vu...

  4. What a fun, fun post!
    Why do I write?
    To tell an engaging story.
    To weave truth through fiction.
    Because I believe that when I write I am being the person God created me to be.

    All done.

  5. oh wow, you picked up some fabulous quotes.

    #whyiwrite To run away with the circus, to invent adventures, and invite others to come with me too.

  6. I stalk Neal Gaiman as he is one of my heroes. I have personally (to date) received two tweets from him. I feel so special.

  7. Loved this! I write because I keep dreaming up new stories in my head. And it's fun to work on my craft and see improvement (sometimes)!


  8. Very cool post. I write because I feel like I'm me when I'm doing it.

    Nancy Lauzon

  9. @Karen - Thanks.
    @Susanna - I think you are right that sometimes we "just do."
    @Mish - So true about words.
    @Beth- Very nice. I love "to weave truth through fiction."
    @Lynda - I love adventures and enjoy joining you.
    @Michael- I've never received a tweet from him, but I loved his response.
    @Debbie - Keep dreaming up those stories and studying the craft (and sharing all those details on your blog.)
    @Nancy - It's great to be yourself. Keep writing.

  10. Very interest post and comments. I write because I really feel connected to myself.


  11. LOVED your post, Stacy! And I really enjoyed reading the comments as well. I guess we all write for different was nice to hear so many diverse reasons.
    So glad we have connected.

  12. I write in the hopes of attaining world domination... the truth is, I am not entirely sure.

  13. They are lovely quotes, thanks so much for collecting them. I missed this the other day, the dog had my full focus lol.
    I write because there's always something to laugh at, or cry with that gets overlooked in real life (or something like that ;)

  14. I write because I love to travel. With writing I get to travel the world and beyond without ever having to leave home!

  15. Thanks Patricia, Vivian, Catherine and Maeve for sharing.
    Kerrie, World Domination seems like a good answer to me.

  16. That's awesome! I hadn't seen that hashtag yet

    *races off to Twitter*


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