Friday, November 18, 2011

Perfect Picture Books: Owl Babies

Today, I'm joining in Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Book

Visit her site to see the other books recommended by other picture book writers and readers. It's the first week and may change a bit. 

I'm participating for two reasons: I like the idea of finding more picture books to read and as a mom, I haven't explored adding resources and activities to my son's reading experience. My son loves board books. He eats them and gladly hands me ones to read to him.  

Owl Babies —Written by Martin Waddell and Illustrated by Patrick Benson
Candlewick Press, Text copyright 1992, First board book edition 1996

Suitable for: Age 1 and up

Themes/Topics: Separation

Once there were three baby owls:
Sarah and Percy and Bill. 
Brief synopsis: The baby owls think their way through their mom's absence.  Or as the cover says:  "(The book) ... offers the gentle promise needed by every young child that Mommy will always come home."

Link to resources: 
Free Owl Babies lesson plans and lap book
An Owl Babies story pack
For more books with resources please visit Just Right Books!

Why I chose this book: My son has reached the separation stage. He gets anxious and cries sometimes when I leave. He received this book as a gift. He likes the actions of the owl siblings. I like their message that Mommy returns. For now, I think it soothes me more than him.


  1. Yes it is a lovely picture book and as long as he's enjoying it the message can wait until he's ready to pick it up.

  2. It used to rip my heart out when I took my son to day care (he's now 31) and he'd reach out toward me and cry and scream, "Mommy!" This looks like a nice book for just that situation. Another good post for PiBo, Stacy.

  3. Owl Babies is one of my favorites. What a perfect choice :) It's funny that you and I both chose books about separation, as did Pat in a different way, for our first post. Owl Babies is lovely - warm and reassuring - just right for helping children understand that when Mom leaves she'll come back. Thanks so much for joining in Perfect Picture Books!

  4. Rosalind, Karen and Susanna - Mom's need reassurance when we leave them too. I call it "practice leaving" now when I leave Enzo with childcare at a church function. I'm enjoying hopping around to the other posts to see the books featured.

  5. Love your selection Stacy. The picture is brilliant -- it says it all. LOL. The book is just as much for mothers as it is for children. I can see this is a classic published after my daughter went through that stage. - Pat

  6. That cover is really adorable!
    Great start for the perfect picture book fridays!
    Have a great weekend :)

  7. I've heard of that so many times and never seen it. I must get that one it looks so cute.

    (Would have been here sooner, but oh what a day!)

  8. I've heard of that so many times and never seen it. I must get that one it looks so cute.

    (Would have been here sooner, but oh what a day!)

  9. My boys are grown now and I miss reading to them. But I love to keep up with the pictures books that are out there because some day, I just know they're going to give me some grandchildren. :)

    Owl Babies sounds like a lovely book!

  10. This sounds like an excellent book to share with a little one who has reached that scary stage for both child and mother. I fell in love with the baby owls the minute the cover illustration came up on your blog!

  11. This book is PERFECT!. I will have to get this for my niece. My sister has gone back to work and my little niece spends a lot of time with both her grandma's and a babysitter. Some days she does well. Others not so much. BUT, she loves books so this will be a great add to her library.

    It's fun to buy board book and children's books--my kids are at the age of chapter books so I miss out on those days.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Consider yourself stalked! I'll be back.

  12. It looks adorable - will make a lovely Christmas present for little ones!

  13. I hope everyone was able to stop by Susanna's to catch the other books mentioned. Yes@elizabethanne - the owls are so cute. @Angela - The book might help your sister and niece. It conveys the message in a cute way.

  14. This book sounds lovely. It's one that I didn't read to the kids when they were babies, but now I wish I had.

  15. I have to get this book! My grandson loves anything about owls. Thanks for the recommendation.

  16. @Julie, There are so many choices for parents. It's a bit overwhelming sometimes.
    @Michael - It is.
    @Maeve - He will certainly enjoy the adventure of Sarah and Percy and Bill.


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