Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Children's Books Heal

I met Patricia Tilton of Children's Books Heal through the recent Writer's Platform Building Campaign.

Her blog about children's book is truly a niche one.

On her about page, she explains her passion for words began as a child. Later she spent years as a journalist and in public relations. Now, she's returned to writing for children. She says:
My hope is to write books that are healing for children, particularly those with special needs. This theme is reflected throughout my blog. 

I've found the blog useful as a mother and a writer. She finds books that have meaning to all parents — not just those with special needs. I find myself jotting down book titles and authors to check out at the library and to refer to friends — those who may be dealing with similar topics.

Patricia shares books and topics that families and classrooms are dealing with on a daily basis. They deal with difficult topics in a great way to help children (and adults too). I'm grateful I found Patricia as a writer learning the craft of picture books and also a mom, because I'm sure her suggestions will be useful as we're having "talks" about a variety of topics. 


  1. Having worked with Deaf, Blind, and Down Syndrome children, this post is personal to me. Thanks for sharing this, Stacy.

  2. Stacy, I'm so glad you're spreading the word about Pat's blog because, like you say, it is truly a wonderful resource and everyone should go check it out :)

  3. Thanks for pointing us to Childrens Books Heal Stacy! I subscribed and posted already - great resource!

  4. I met Patricia through the writer's platform, too, and am glad I did. Thank you for this wonderful testament to her blog. Like you I find her blog inspiring and read the books she highlights. I, too, jot down her titles and find a new meaning in the books I read through her blog.

  5. I first met Patricia through Emma Walton Hamilton's Children's Book Hub, and had the joy of meeting her in person at this summer's SCBWI conference.

    Her blog is indeed a treasure. I often find myself sending links to her posts to friends who have a special interest in special needs kids. I'm glad you're spreading the word!

  6. @Karen - I'm sure that was heartwarming and hard work.
    @Susanna - I agree.
    @Cathy - Glad you did. I enjoy Patricia's posts and her book choices.
    @Clar - I'm grateful for all the people I met through the campaign. I think there's a new post today and I'll be jotting down another title.

  7. Stacy,
    Okay, you really caught me off-guard! You can't imagine my surprise when I opened my e-mail and clicked on your new post. It took a moment to register. Thank you so much for thinking enough of my blog and my mission to share it with others. I am very grateful for your shout out! Thank you!


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  9. @Elizabethanne - I think that's great you met through Emma Walton Hamilton's Children's Book Hub. I've read both your praise about it.
    @Patricia - You're welcome. I find your posts very helpful as both a mom and a writer. Thanks again.

  10. Stacy these are great resources, thank you for sharing!

  11. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and visiting my blog. I am humbled.

  12. Great post, Stacey. I so agree that Pat's blog has a niche which is relevant for parents and authors far beyond simply books that heal. She a great reviewer. Lovely shout out!

  13. I am now following Patricia's blog. Thank you for letting us know about it. Such an important niche to fill.

  14. Thank you for sharing about this, Stacy.

  15. @Coleen - thanks.
    @Patricia - again thanks for sharing the books.
    @Joanna- Patricia is a great reviewer.
    @Julie - She shares many useful books.
    @Connie, thanks for stopping by.


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