Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Darcy Pattison

Darcy Pattison is a children's book author and writing teacher. While I'm focusing on her resources for picture books, her  Fiction Notes blog is for all types of writers.

The about page says Fiction Notes is an ongoing, innovative, in-depth guide to revision.

In her blog's header, it says:  "Believe in your story."

She offers a variety of tips on writing picture books:

For those participating in Picture Book Idea Month, you could easily study a post a day from Darcy to improve your picture books in a month.

Here other Resources include: 

Darcy's story 11 Ways To Ruin a Photograph recently won Take Part's children's story contest in conjunction with the release of the movie The Help.

She mentioned her winning entry as a way to celebrate Picture Book Month and Veterans Day. With so many service men and women being deployed, her book is timely. Our military families sacrifice for us all. This link has access to a free download of the book. It is available through Amazon and Nook for a fee.

I live in a military town, so I've shared the link with friends as well as through the newspaper's military section.

I appreciate Darcy's writing advice and stories.


  1. Wow! There are a lot of great links here. Thanks for the post, Stacy.

  2. Stacy, this is a really terrific resource that I hadn't sen before. Thanks so much for sharing. There is always so much more to learn about the craft of writing :)

  3. @Karen, I tried not to link overload, but wanted to make it easy to find some of her resources. The book for military families is neat too.
    @Susanna - Glad to share. She has lots of books too and apparently has an awesome workshop.

  4. Thanks Stacy! The resources at Fiction Notes look great!

  5. Great post Stacy!

    I found Darcy's links during WriteOnCon and yes - ouch! - the first line of "How To Write Rhyming Picture Books" is a memorable one! And yup - it totally applied to me but then I just didn't know what I didn't know!

  6. Wow, loads of goodies here, thanks Stacy!

  7. Stacy, had never seen these resources before! Thanks for sharing. And, I especially enjoyed reading the descrition about Darcy's book, 11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph. I'm always searching for books for military kids dealing with so many emotions. Will have to order or download, if I can. Thanks, you made my day!

  8. @Coleen, @Catherine and @Patricia glad to introduce you to Darcy's site.
    @Covetcat- I know. I know. :)


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