Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Extra! No more capcha for me

After my post on Monday, I made a few changes.
  • No more capcha — I removed the capcha function on comments. Several commenters mentioned their dislike for it in the post. We'll see if my fear of spammers is warranted or not. I think I unchecked the correct box in Blogger to achieve this. 
  • Filters on my inbox — I added three filters to my gmail inbox. I'm beginning with a few to see 1) If I'm doing it correctly and 2) How this works for me. I created one filter specifically to deal with the blog I cannot unsubscribe to through regular channels. The email will go directly to my trash. We'll see if this solves my problem. 
  • A button adjustment — I moved the button to subscribe to posts via readers or Atom feeds up higher on the page. 
I also decided to make this my last Wednesday post. I really like writing three posts a week. I've been doing four recently with the Perfect Picture Book series on Fridays. So, I'll post on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. I may randomly show up on another day, but I don't want to abuse your time. I've been writing down my goals for 2012 and it's best to commit to three posts. 

Are you ready to leave a comment to see if the dreaded capcha function is there or not? 

If the capcha has successfully been removed, you win the joy of commenting without a capcha. 

If the capcha is there, you win the opportunity to tell me about it. 

Or, you can just tell how lame I am if I think that's winning. I guess I need to revisit Laura Barnes' post about marketing a contest and see how Julie Hedlund is implementing those tips. A writer's work is never done.

Extra! Extra!: I saw this post The Art of Unsubscribing from Alexis Grant — The Traveling Writer this morning after I posted my thoughts. Alexis provides a link on creating filters for your inbox. I'm reading this to see how to improve mine.


  1. Yay, I was in the 'No Capcha' pool. I haven't got around to my 2012 goals yet, good for you. I still have another week of school to go and them some sanity.

  2. ah, that felt so nice I'm going to do ti again! ;)

  3. @Joanna - Double woo hoo to hear that it worked.

  4. I'm game! I'll try a comment! Let's see what happens....
    Ooh, look! No capcha! Let me know how this works out for you. I don't actually know if I have one on mine (I'll have to check again) but if I do, maybe I should remove it too!

  5. I really admire you for putting yourself out there - asking people for their input on your blog and its ease of commenting, and then changing things to accomodate! Way to go. It was easy this time, but I have not had problems with your blog comments before.

  6. @Susanna- I will let you know. Hey, if I get lot's of spam that's a funny post or maybe a hidden PB idea. We'll see.
    @Karen - Thanks. I appreciate people stopping by, so I should make it easy.
    Anyone follow Alexis Grant: She had a post today called The Art of Unsubscribing with a link about how to create filters. I'm reading this:

  7. I guess it's like housework for blogging? :)
    Thanks for that link to the art of unsubscribing--they are so sneaky aren't they?

  8. I took the captcha off my blog a while ago after reading something similar. I've never been spammed in my comments, though I do have a small blog. Once in a while I get a poster mainly interested in promoting themselves, but the captcha wouldn't have kept them out anyway.

    And I love using filters in my email. Life is so much simpler.

    Great job, Stacy!


  9. OK, here goes.
    And I do have capcha.
    I get a lot of spammy comments.
    Not sure why, but I do.
    So for me the capcha stays.

  10. @Coleen - I think that sums it up.
    @Debbie - Funny. This morning, I received two spam comments, but they were tagged as spam and did not show up on my post.
    @Beth - As I mentioned to Debbie, I received spam this morning. So, we'll see if the spam filter catches them or not.
    @Christina - Nice to be in good company.

  11. Boy I must be thick. What is capcha? MY WP catches spam, but I had something slip through this afternoon.

  12. Oh -- do you mean those funny words those of us who aren't on blogspot have to use. If so, I didn't have have to use one then.

  13. I am in the same boat as Joanna- Ah, winter break, please come soon!! Does my blog ask for capcha? I don't think it does...

  14. That's great Stacy! I couldn't even tell you if I have captcha but I do get a lot of spam I'd hate for it to get pubished. I'll try what you did one day. Have a great day!

  15. @Patricia - Yes the capcha is that string of letters. I should have explained that better.
    @Kelly - I don't think it does.
    @Catherine - Funny you would say that. I got spam almost immediately on your guest post. I think the spam filter is catching it. I'll keep monitoring it. Hope you have a great day too.

  16. Sorry I brought spam with me, I'll come on my own next time lol.

  17. Catherine- I believe it is the "no capcha" that filtered spam into my life, but the SPAM filter is doing its job by not publishing it. (Knocks on wood)


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