Friday, December 2, 2011

Perfect Picture Books: Goodnight Moon

I'm joining in Susanna Leonard Hill'Perfect Picture Book series. Visit her site to see the other books recommended.

You can see how Enzo likes to snack on his board book.
Goodnight Moon
Written by Margaret Wise Brown and Illustrated by Clement Hurd, Harper & Row Publishers, Inc. 1947

Suitable for: Ages newborn and up

Theme/Topics: Bedtime

In the great green room
There was a telephone
And a red balloon
And a picture of —

Brief Synopsis: A little bunny says goodnight to his room and his world before drifting off to sleep.

Link to Resources: Along with the Harper Collins one page activity sheet this link offers additional worksheets including matching games, rhyming words, coloring sheets and a "goodnight" activity with your child's room. At our house, we play the "hello" world game in the morning by naming objects in Enzo's room.

Why I chose this book: It's the first book I purchased for my son before he was born. I read it was a must for any child, so I purchased a copy. The genius of the book didn't strike me when I first picked it up during my pregnancy. After Enzo's arrival and multiple readings, I appreciate the simplicity of the words. I think it's a brilliant story. Oh, and "rookie parent tip:" Buy the board book version. The paperback version is no match for little, grabby hands or emerging teeth. Enzo received the board book version as a gift.

P.S. I don't know why I'm having some formatting issues with the blog this week. It looks fine. I hit publish and things change. I'll put on my technical hat and see if I can tinker with it over the weekend ... now how do I raise the lid on this thing to check the engine. 


  1. Great choice, Stacey. I have this at home too and really think it is a great example how 'simple' can be so effective. I understand why its a 'must read'!

  2. Lovely book, lovely choice. (But now I want to snuggle back under the covers...)

    Good advice about buying the board book version!

  3. We love Goodnight Moon here--I think I still might know it by heart even though my kids are now teens ;)

  4. Great book choice Stacy! I've had a few technicalities this week too, must be playing up ;)

    Have a great day!

  5. Good choice on a classic book!

    I'll chime in on the technical difficulties issue too - can't get my PiBoIdMo winner badge to post on Wordpress...

  6. Aww! One of my favorite books of all time! Would that we all had Margaret Wise Brown's genius with the rhythm of language. I've read this book over and over to my own children, and I'm looking forward to reading it to my granddaughter - it never gets old. Thanks for choosing it :)

  7. So much nostalgia. Read this to my daughter a long time ago. Has always been a favorite. It's such a classic for kids. Great pick!

  8. @Joanna - I know it's a classic, but I think it still works.
    @Elizabethanne- Thanks. Hope you got to snuggle a bit more. We woke to a foggy, frosty winter wonderland this morning.
    @Coleen - It's easy to remember the brush and the mush after reading it hundreds of times.
    @Catherine and @Cathy - hope all the bugs get worked out.
    @Susanna - I wish I had her rhythm of language. Your granddaughter will love it.
    @Patricia -Decades of nostalgia. I think this one will continue for decades more.

  9. Of course no children's library is complete without Goodnight Moon. But you know? Neither of my kids really loved it. My daughter was addicted to My World, and my son LOVES Two Little Trains by her, but GM didn't cut it for some reason. I love it though!

  10. This book seems good (in words AND taste) I LOVE "Goodnight Gorilla"! Maybe Enzo (and you) would like it.
    Erik :)

  11. Fabulous choice Stacy! I love it. And I agree about getting the board book versions. They are so much safer with the little ones. :)

  12. Wow! This brings back wonderful memories. Our daughter loved Goodnight Moon. My hubby and I knew it by heart, but if we didn't read it with feeling, our daughter would call us on it. He would try to skip pages, and, oh, would he hear about it. =)

  13. I LOVE this book; I've read this to my sons when they were little!

  14. I love that book! That was one of the first I bought for my kids. Good choice.

  15. @Julie- I like how our taste isn't always the same as our children. Keeps us open to different stories.
    @Erik - I will have to try the Gorilla one.
    @Leigh-Gotta love the board books.
    @Keli- I try to speed through the pages as Enzo turns the pages faster than I can read.
    @Jennifer and @Angela - It was a fun choice. And, it's been neat to hear how other parents have read it to their children.

  16. Those first books are always the most special.

  17. We have this. It is excellent. One of my kids loved it, the others not so much.

    You have some great picture books, Stacy. You rock, girlfriend.

  18. It wounds wonderful, perhaps one to buy for my new niece.

  19. This is an awesome choice. I love it!

  20. @Lynda - True
    @Robyn - To each a unique personality
    @Michelle - It an easy one for parents too.
    @Peggy - Thanks.

  21. This is one of those books that I can't believe I still haven't read. I've got a long list of recommended PBs though, so I'm due for a trip to the children's room at the library. . .

  22. @inluvwithwords - The good news is that it can be found easily in library's or bookstores.

  23. I just read this book with my daughter two weeks ago. She loved it! Made me read it multiple times.

  24. @DebraKristi - We read it multiple times too.


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