Friday, April 27, 2012

Perfect Picture Books: A to Z

Enzo likes the simple wors and the funny Boynton artwork.
With the A to Z Challenge almost over, I decided to feature A to Z by Sandra Boynton for Perfect Picture Book Fridays. I may have to utlize this style for the A to Z Challenge in 2013. I'm feeling a bit "challenged" this month.

A to Z
Written and Illustrated by Sandra Boynton 
Little Simon Books, 1995, newly revised edition

Suitable for: Ages one and up

Theme/Topic: Alphabet

Aardvard Admiring
Beavers Ballooning
Cats Cleaning

Brief Synopsis: A simple alphabet books featuring animals and a funny action. Like "Hippos Hiding."

Link to Resources: Back in February when I was all bold about participating in the A to Z. I offered the book Alphabet for Perfect Picture Book Fridays. It features a lot of animals too. Here's an alphabet printable. We discuss ways (sometimes it's a one-way discussion) the animals in Boynton's book are doing unusual things. Here are alphabet worksheets.

Why I chose this book: I have the alphabet on the brain this month with the A to Z Challenge.

To find more picture books and resources, please visit Susanna Leonard Hill's blog and look for the Perfect Picture Books page.

And, here's what I was doing while typing this post:
Discount Starburst Jelly Beans. Yummy.


  1. My favorite line: (sometimes it's a one-way discussion)

    Thanks for the morning giggle!

    Congrats on making to the end - just about. I could have have made it past "G" I think!

    1. Cathy, It is indeed a one-way discussion sometimes. I love it when I catch him studying picture book illustrations on his own.

  2. Such a perfect choice for A to Z month :) Thanks for another great alphabet book - I love anything Boynton :) - and the more alphabet books the merrier! :)

  3. I have read this and it is so cute! I love Sandra Boyton, too. I have several her books on my iPad (for me...since I have no little ones :-)

  4. Great way to end the A to Z challenge. Like your selection and I imagine Enzo enjoys it even more. Laughed a the photo, after I read your comment. When I first looked at it, I thought it was a poster on the wall with balloons -- thought you had created an activity/game. Then I realized it was your stash! LOL

  5. Hi Stacy! Looks like a cute A to Z book.

    Can I call dibs on the black jelly beans?

  6. These books always remind me of my "babies'" baby and toddler days. I can't read a Sandra Boynton without getting a little misty.

  7. We LOVE Sandra Boynton books in our house! This is a great pick!

  8. Simple and funny, does seem like a perfect pick! Thanks, Stacy!

  9. Hi Stacy, for some reason, I have a fascination with quirky, strange, and non-traditional Alphabet Books. This sounds like one of them, very cute! Perfect for the treasured little ones indeed.

  10. I love Sandra Boynton! Reminds me of when my boys were little.

  11. I love the alphabet book that says, "I'm unusual." So this is one I'd love to get my hands on. Sandra Boyton is awesome. *grabs a jelly bean*

  12. Nice choice of jellybeans. :) And great choice for PPBF! I love when we have books that can be read with and handled by the really little ones! Congrats on completing your A-Z Challenge! Hope I will see you at the next SCBWI local meeting...not sure when it is, but I'm sure they will send an email.

  13. Sandra Boynton is very popular in our house. A to Z is so fun! Great post.


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