Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The Death Writer

I know. It sounds kinda dark. The blog is a little dark too — as in a black background with white letters. Most bloggers know that doesn't work all the time. When the topic is death, well, I say it does.

The Death Writer aka Pamela writes about death. She doesn't write about death in a creepy or gory way. Instead, she puts a very human touch on an unpleasant experience.

I found her blog during the book tour for Susan Oloier's book Fractured. The Death Writer shared her own experience of a miscarriage in this post Unspeakable Loss and talked about Susan's book. I needed that blog post, because several women around me had miscarriages in recent months.

In Pamela's about me she writes:
I blog about death, but don't let that scare you. I wrote my master's thesis on people who work with death and turned it into a memoir. I think talking about death is important. Heck, reading about it and then talking about it is cool too! Despite the scary death writer name, I'm a pretty funny gal.
Her blog schedule also illustrates a great niche blog. Her posts include Monday Mournings where she interviews people about how they dealt with death, Tuesday features a movie that has death in it and every other Wednesday features a writer, who has written about death, or a person, who deals with death in his or her profession.

I shared about Jimmy's death for this Monday Mournings: The Death of a Spouse post. It's an interesting series, because everyone is so different. If you ever write about death, The Death Writer's site is definitely a resource to investigate death issues and how people grieve.

I hope my friends in the United States had a wonderful Fourth of July. We enjoyed an evening without fireworks in Colorado. The Waldo Canyon Fire is 90 percent contained. A round of applause for the firefighters!

Our community was hard hit by this fire as two people died and 346 homes were destroyed. Are you Prepared? is a great post from the Writing From the Peak blog for the Pikes Peak Writers group. I never considered what work I would take or leave in an emergency until last week. It reminds me of how many picture book manuscripts I have written in longhand versus typing in a file I can store in the "cloud." Adding type manuscripts to my To Do list.

Let's see, I've talked about death and a devastating wildfire. Want to wow us with something fun? A napping cat video or a funny baby?


  1. When you're already in a serious mood it's so easy to sidestep and think of other serious things. Well done firefighters. We are just counting down for our big trip here. Thanks gor sharing a niche blog.

  2. Hurray for the firefighters and thank goodness you and your family are safe :) Happy belated 4th!

  3. I enjoyed the interview, Stacy, although I had read much of it right here, from you. I've had two deaths occur recently, so when the time seems appropriate, I'll share the blog. I know that some struggle with talking about death, and I've found some connection with that also with my husband who has entered a nursing home because of dementia. Some have remained close & others have disappeared. I'm sorry about the fire in your area, and watched hours on those two tragic days. It is an interesting thought to consider what to take; I have one pile of business papers, but what else? Thanks for sharing today.

  4. Death and grief are big themes in my current wip--I will have to check out her site.
    I missed all the news about the fire because I was out of the country. It sounds awful, I am sorry. I hope your community is starting to mend.

  5. I thought the same thing when I first saw, "The Death Writer." But I think the blog is great. Dealing with, and writing, our feelings helps lead us to healing. And by sharing our healing with others, we show them that they will get through it as well. Your contribution was so well done.

    Glad to hear about the fire being 90% contained! It's easy to talk about "what would I take" and then quite another to be faced with it (2011 Minot flood survivor).

  6. Hey Stacy:
    Thanks so much for contributing to my blog as well as talking about it on yours. I was wondering why I was getting so much traffic today and I didn't have a new post up!
    When I was evacuated for the Missionary Ridge fire in SW Colorado, I took my cats, my photos and our important papers and that was it. That experience taught me what I truly valued.
    Thanks again!

  7. Great post, Stacy! I'll have to check out the one you contributed to. It sounds like a really interesting blog.

    I'm glad you put up a link to the PPW post. I keep revising what I'd bring writing wise, as I think of more notebooks that need to be in the cloud!


  8. I am glad the firefighters are taking care of the fire and you and your family are safe!

  9. Hi, Stacy! Interesting post. Glad to hear that you and your family are safe. Thank you to all the firefighters for the work they are doing.

  10. I commented on your post on the niche blog site. I too am amazed by your courage and strength. Thanks for thinking outside the box.

    Almost replied to the facebook update on this but then didn't want my boys to see. I can relate a little with you because they were ten and fourteen when my husband and their father died. I started a memoir but it remains to be seen if I finish it. I haven't written anything in months. My Hat goes off to you. :)

  11. I've visited that blog before - I like her stuff (I *think* I'm following her.)

    I don't know how anybody can avoid dealing with death - not always a spouse, like you, but a loved parent, grandparent, sibling, child... For sure a pet.

    Pretending we don't doesn't make it go away.

    Glad you have made it through the fires safely; sorry your community is so hard hit. (Living in SoCal, I kinda get used to "fire season.")

  12. Fascinating, Stacy. I can't wait to check out her blog. I think it's healthy and important to think about death somewhat routinely.

    Hmm, something funny... What's red, white and blue in December? A sad candy cane. Whoops—half sad. LOL I tried! Hope you're having a great weekend. :)

  13. yikes, scary. I hope you don't put off typing your manuscripts. And yes, I've visited Death Writer before. Great blog.


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