Friday, September 21, 2012

Perfect Picture Book: Too Pickley

Here's my Perfect Picture Book selection for the week:

Too Pickley!
Written by Jean Reidy
Illustrated by GeneviƩve Leloup
Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers, 2010

Suitable for: Ages 3 and up

Theme/Topic: Food habits, picky eaters, rhyme

Opening: I am hungry!

Brief Synopsis: The book opens with such a declaration then it goes where parents and children alike don't like to be — at odds with what's on the plate. This little boy just won't have any of it for various reasons like " too wrinkly" or "too fruity."

Link to Resources: Jean Reidy has a link to an activity guide on her website. She is also doing free Skype visits to schools. If you are a teacher or parent, you may want to check and see if she has time available for your school.

Why I chose this book: Jean Reidy's Too Series — Too Purpley! and Too Princessy! books — are too much fun in a very, brief book. You won't find a 1,000-word story here. Oh, no, it's more like 47 words. The main character and his sidekick are wonderful.

For more picture books and resources, please check out Susanna Leonard Hill's Blog.

I'm not sure how much blog hopping I'll do this weekend as I'm attending the SCBWI regional conference in Denver. Instead of leaving messages on some of my fellow 12 x 12 in 2012 participants' blogs, I will be saying,"Howdy" in person.

I can't think of a better way to spend a Perfect Picture Book Friday (or a weekend) than sitting in picture book workshops and being surrounded by writers and illustrators. My goal this weekend is to be a sponge and soak it all up.


  1. Saying 'howdy' in person is the best treat for a writer! Have fun.

    Love the Pickley book review. I have known kids who put up their noses at pickles and some who can't get enough. I have always loved pickles!

  2. Too Pickley is a wonderful book, Stacy. It's so cleverly done - it's one of those "I wish I'd thought of that!" books :) Thanks for adding it to our list. And have a GREAT time at the conference! Soak away and tell us all about it when you return! I hope it's productive, educational and fun :)

  3. It's great hearing more about Too Picklet, it sounds fun but not as much fun as you're going to have this weekend. I wish I could be there, have a wonderful time!

  4. Cute! This sounds like a great series! I think my little sister would like them! :)

  5. Too Pickley is my idea of the gold standard when it comes to brief, kid-friendly pb's.

    Have a great time at the conference. Soak it all up indeed!

  6. I LOVE Too Pickley, Stacy! GREAT pick for PPBF! Enjoy the conference! Our local SCBWI one is the end of October... can't wait!

  7. What a great cover -- it begs to be opened. Love the idea and message. Fortunately I didn't have picky kids and battles over what's on the plate.

    Have a great time at your regional SCBWI this weekend. We have one in NE Ohio regional this weekend but I can't attend. Enjoy!

  8. Ooooh, a picture book written about ME! (I have a deep-seated aversion to pickles. Except pickled beets.) This book sounds great!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the weekend conference, Stacy! Soak up lots and lots, and have a great time being with writing colleagues.

  9. Love, Love, LOVE this book - one of my son's favorites!

  10. This book IS a great example of what can be done in just a few words. The crazy thing too is that it is NOT an author/illustrator that wrote it. Great choice, Stacy!

    Have fun at the conference!

  11. I've heard a lot about this one -- haven't seen it in person yet but it looks great. It reminds me of Old Hat, New Hat by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Very funny concept.

  12. The title of this book just cracks me up!

  13. I think this author has visited my house. "Too Pickley" indeed! Enjoy your conference in Denver. I am super envious of all the 12 x 12ers you'll get to meet. Have fun!

  14. I follow Jean's blog. Her books are all so cute. : )

  15. Thanks everyone for stopping by. I'm catching up on homework deadlines first then, I'll be reading all of this week's additions. I attended a two-part PB revision workshop with Jean Reidy this weekend. SO very helpful. Plus, I got to meet a lot of great #12x friends and made several new ones.

  16. It was really fun meeting so many online friends this weekend! Hope you have a good week!


  17. Stacy...great choice...I was a 'pickley' eater, as was my oldest son and now my daughter's son. Will have to check out this funny book!
    I know you had an awesome time at the were much missed at the local critique gathering on Thursday. Can't wait to hear all about your weekend!

  18. I think I live this book every night.


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