Friday, October 26, 2012

Perfect Picture Book: It Looked Like Spilt Milk

Before I share my Perfect Picture Book Friday, I wrote about the Denver SCBWI conference on Writing from the Peak the Pikes Peak Writers blog.

Now for some milk and ... Oh, I knocked over my glass. Good thing there's a book for that and it's my choice for Perfect Picture Books this week.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Written and Illustrated Charles G. Shaw
Harper Collins Publishers, 1947

Suitable for: ages 4 and up

Theme/topic: Shapes, Imagination

Opening: Sometimes it looked like Spilt Milk. But it wasn't Spilt Milk.

Brief Synopsis: "The white shaped silhouetted against a blue background changes on every page. Is it a rabbit, a bird, or just spilt milk? Children are kept guessing until the surprise ending — and will be encouraged to improvise similar games of their own." — from Amazon

Link to resources: There are lots of lesson plans and activities available for shapes. This is a SPOILER ALERT, but a nice day activity would be to stare at the clouds and talk about the shapes you see. A messy activity would be to spill some milk and study the shapes. This might be a spontaneous activity rather than a planned one. We still spill milk around our house.

Why I chose the book: I found this book at the library. It's a simple story with a surprise ending.

To find more Perfect Picture Books visit Susanna Leonard Hill's blog.

I know many of you have signed up for  Picture Book Idea Month already. If you haven't, please do. I had tons of fun participating last year. The challenge made me take time to write down my ideas. Those ideas now provide a dose of inspiration when I can't think of what to write for my 12 x 12 in 2012 draft. Happy Writing!


  1. I enjoy surprise endings. And yes, I have joined PiBoIdMo 2012!

  2. I still find animals and dragons and faces in the clouds! I'm not participating in PiBo, but I posted a link to it on Twitter. I just met a gal last week who is doing NaNo, and she sets up writing events in my area. I'm not doing NaNo either, but I might go to a few events just to write. Great book share - published 1947!

  3. I have heard good things about this book. I think I should try it! :)

  4. I love dreamy ones. Thanks Stacy that is a good one to get the imagination going for PiBoldMo

  5. Sounds like a fun book to read. I like surprise endings. I've always enjoyed looking up at the clouds to see what might be found.

  6. Just saw this on George Shannon's bibliography from the SCBWI - WI conference and now feel twice the need to look for it!

  7. Such a cute book. Thanks for the rec!

  8. Oh, this looks very fun! I love surprise endings - although they are torturous when you can't read right now and find out! :) I also love books that encourage imagination, so this one sounds great all around. Thanks, Stacy!

  9. Wow, Stacy - I've missed this book. I've signed up for PiBoIdMo too. See you there.

    1. Meant to say - I'll be sure to look for it now.

  10. This was on the shelf in my classroom. Great for the imagination!

  11. Very creative and great for the imagination. Loved it Stacy!

  12. What a delightful-sounding book. I love things that get kids using their imaginations. Um... I still spill milk occasionally...

  13. I remember reading this one to my boys when they were small. Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. I love this book. It really lets kids exercise their creativity. I'm signed up for PiBoIdMo. It's my first year!

  15. Love when we share older books -- the simplicity is wonderful. Sounds like a fun book.


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