Friday, November 2, 2012

PPBF: Trucks Whizz! Zoom! Rumble!

Trucks: Whizz! Zoom! Rumble!
Written by Patricia Hubbell
Illustrated by Megan Halsey
Marshall Cavendish Children, 2003

Suitable for: Ages 3 and up

Theme/topic: Trucks, Occupations (associated with trucks), Rhyming

Old trucks,
New trucks,
Going to the zoo trucks.

Brief Synopsis: This is a simple rhyming story about all types of trucks, their noise and occupations.

Link to resources: Kindergarten transportation unit, Crayola lesson on Trucks at Work. We spend a lot of time spotting trucks while in the car or looking at construction vehicles in our neighborhood.

Why I chose the book: I met the illustrator Megan Halsey at the Denver-SCBWI conference. She talked about her personal mixed media collage projects and how those led to work projects. The illustrations are awesome. You also don't have to stop with trucks. Hubbell and Halsey teamed up for several transportation vehicle books. The best reason to choose this book — this is the one that's been "missing in action" for several weeks. I found it in a pile of books after Enzo emptied his bookshelf. He's a helper.

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  1. Cute! I think my second cousin would love this book!She is turning two in January! :)

  2. Great choice -- I'm sure Enzo loved this one. Another book I can recommend to my friend who has a young son fascinated with trucks. The cover is inviting. Glad to know there is a series about other transportation vehicles.

  3. You had me at "trucks." This sounds like a great book.

  4. Love Hannah's comment AND the subtitle!

  5. Ooh, this looks like a great one! (I loved playing with trucks as a kid... loved things that went ZOOM!) Yay for your helper finding the book! ;)

  6. This book sounds like one my son would have LOVED when he was 2 and 3! Of course, that was before it was published :) So many kids are fascinated by transportation and vehicles of all kinds - I'm always glad to find another great title to add to the list! Hope Enzo enjoyed his airplane ride :)

  7. Great review, Stacy. I really love the cover of thos.

  8. I love the mixed media collages in this book. There is a whole series of transportation books by this author/illustrator duo and my preschool boys love them all!

  9. All my kids loved trucks as toddlers--the boys and the girls. Love the mixed media, too.


    1. I adore rhyming books. How nice to meet the illustrator, and glad to hear Enzo was so helpful. :)

  10. Thanks for the great review, Stacy. I will have to check out this book...I love rhyming books as well (as you know)!

  11. I guess its time to take a turn for my grandsons. How awesome you met the author!! Thanks, Stacy.

  12. I'm glad you found the book!!! You know how I love rhyme.


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