Saturday, May 25, 2013

My PPW blog: Help an Author Out — Leave a Review, Please!

I was over at Writing From the Peak last week. I wrote about my declaration to write more book reviews this year. I have three books on my Kindle right now that need my attention.

Why am I late in posting this here?

Hmm. I was in Iowa last week on a family visit. In my rush to leave town, I forgot to schedule my post. Then, I was in the black hole of technology. You know where your cell phone provider is not King and you want to spend time with family (because that's why you are there in the first place).

Oh (and whispering) I had a birthday too and so did Enzo.

Fun times.

If you have a moment, take a look.

I hope my friends in the U.S. are having a great Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. I always review books I read, but one thing I haven't yet done is put those reviews up on Amazon (for the most part). I really want to start doing that, i.e. transferring old reviews over and remembering to add new ones as well.

    1. That's very noble to transfer older reviews. Good luck.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you and Enzo!! I'm glad you were able to enjoy time with your family. And i enjoyed your post over yonder :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you and Enzo! Happy Memorial Day too! :D

  4. Happy birthday, my friend! (And Enzo, too!)

    I eagerly look forward to new reviews!

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  7. Stacy--I have written a few reviews for Amazon, but I agree with Julie. I will only write one for Amazon if it's positive.

    I just finished Joe Hill's newest novel, NOS4A2, and if you like creepy and compelling and scary, it's definitely the book for you. (I loved it.) I also recently read Leonard Pitts, Jr.'s "Freeman" and it was an epic novel. Everyone should read this one...

    Thanks for your nudge. I might check out other sites to write reviews for...

  8. I am starting a new link-up party this week for all things book and reading related on my blog, Mommynificent. I'd love to have you join us with this post and any others you'd like to share. Hope to see you at Booknificent Thursday this week and every week!
    Tina @ Mommynificent


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